sexism, feminism and gender… oh my!

The Buddha asked that none of his belongings be made into relics, yet there are stupas all over Asia with bits and pieces of him in them. He also asked that no images or statues be made of him, yet people are rubbing his belly for good luck the world over. Buddhism has an interesting take on that I suppose.

En tout cas, for some reason that bit of religious study pops into my head when I think about sexism, feminism and gender. Or when I think about the general disrespect to and by women. Because no where does it state that women are not equal to men and should therefore be treated as ‘less than’, who have to earn or fight for the same equal rights as a man. I checked.

After wandering for days, musing on how to work with these concepts and constructs and come up with something that hasn’t been said before, I came across this and just thought, ­”yup”.


It feels like it’s that simple. It doesn’t work this way, but wouldn’t it be great if upon being born, everyone was given the same respect and rights regardless of what was between their legs?

Interesting how the whole gender equality gap and such is only ever going to be ‘solved’ through the effort of all sides.  The whole “he for she” goes both ways. It’s all about respect. To help get in the mood, check out these songs. Because it is that simple.

Revolutionary Generation, Public Enemy – Fear of A Black Planet (1990)

This song from 1990 was way ahead of it’s time and is far as can be from the misogyny associated with hip-hop.

Same Love, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert – The Heist (2012)

Bold support of gay equality with pretty music and smart lyrics.

– I Believe, Stevie Wonder – Talking Book (1972)

Because. It’s Stevie. Wonder. … and cuz he never had to use the b-word to get his point across.

• PS •

– Behold A Lady, OutKast – The Love Below (2003)

Part of Andre3000’s Love Below, an ode to women and why they should be treated with respect.

enigma300ppiThe Enigma: There’s No Shine Like Mothers @wredherring


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